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Let’s SOLVE the problem shall we?

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Solution focused mindset

One of the fantastic aspects of my job as a life coach is that I get the opportunity to be inspired by the smart and interesting individuals that I work with. Take my client Tammi who I’ve been working with for most of this year. A few weeks ago, she mentioned a shoulder issue that she’s been having. I gave her some recommendations for an ART massage therapist, a chiropractor and a sports physical therapist. But Tammi wasn’t just interested in reducing her pain. She wanted a solution to the real problem. What caused the pain in the first place? She googled the heck out of the issue and stumbled across myofascial release techniques using a simple but extremely effective tool – a lacrosse ball. She proceeded to integrate time for rolling and stretching into her daily life. Fast forward 3 weeks and she’s feeling 100% better. Not only is her pain gone but she now has the tools to prevent the tightness from coming back!


Develop a solution focused mindset.

While the priority may be to resolve the issue at hand (eliminate the pain), it’s not enough. Taking the next step to identify what caused the pain in the first place and come up with a solution is the way to go.

The best part? The lesson can be applied to multiple aspects of your life. Feeling really anxious? Deadlines freaking you out? Instead of just trying to make the current situation better (delegating work, asking for an extension, staying up all night etc. ) – take a holistic approach. Why did this situation arise in the first place? Could this have been avoided? Could you have a system or structure in place to prevent this from happening again?

It’s not enough to temporarily feel better about something. Take the next step and find a solution to the problem that’s causing you the anxiety in the first place. In other words,

Forget the band aid…try and avoid getting cut!

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