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Want more ENERGY? Go Green Baby!

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We live in a world where there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all the things we want. The normal remedy for this?

  • Prioritizing.
  • Saying ‘No’ to the unimportant.
  • Simplifying.

All these strategies work. And they are super useful. But what if you want a different solution to this problem? One that comes at it from a different angle? What if you’re the type of person who is so driven, passionate and excited about everything going on in your world that your solution is not to take on LESS, but rather, to be able to have enough ENERGY to do everything you want to?

Well, you stamina seekers, do I have a solution for you! What if I told you that by implementing one fairly simple habit, you can increase your energy levels by more than two fold?

Do I have your attention?

The SECRET? Having delicious alkalizing vegetable and fruit smoothies on a daily basis!

Here’s the science behind this:

There is a delicate balance in your body called the acid/alkaline balance. The pH of a substance is what measures how acid or alkaline it is. If something’s neutral, it has a pH of 7.0. Above 7.0, it’s alkaline and below 7.0 it’s acidic.

Why is this important?

Our awesome body is designed to operate within a very narrow pH range. Optimally, a little on the alkaline side, with a blood pH of 7.365. An alkaline pH makes for an oxygen rich environment, one that keeps our body functioning efficiently and keeps the levels of the flora already in our bodies, in check. An oxygen rich environment means more oxygen carried around the body more efficiently = more ENERGY!

The problem with our current diets you see, isn’t that we’re eating acidic foods; it’s that we’re eating more acidic foods than alkaline foods. In the Standard American Diet, the typical ratio of acidic to alkaline foods is about 80/20 – that is, 80 percent of the diet is acidic foods, while only 20 percent comes from alkaline foods like fresh raw vegetables. We need to flip this ratio!

There are several ways to alkalize our body – mainly to eat raw fresh vegetables but this isn’t always easy. The solution? Vegetable smoothies! This is a super easy and efficient way to get in your greens.

And you will have an added benefit. Because you’ll be downing one of these delicious life cocktails – you will then have less room for all the other ‘not so godly’ foods you eat!

Not fully convinced? How about taking on a challenge? Drink a delicious smoothie every morning for 30 straight days and then evaluate how you feel. I guarantee, that one simple change will have your energy soaring! Are you ready for this?

blended drink

Here’s a recipe for my favorite smoothie:

  • 1/2 cup of blueberries
  • 3 strawberries
  • one small orange
  • 1-2 cups of spinach
  • 1 cup of kale (I mix green, red, and dinosaur depending on what I have in my refrigerator)
  • 1/2 meyer lemon (I like these because they are sweeter but regular lemons are good too)
  • 1 large red bell pepper
  • 6 ice cubes

Blend Baby Blend! Happy Alkalizing!

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